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Picture this: you're all set to share your business with the world, but your website is still in the works.

Guess what? You don't have to wait to start building your digital footprint.  

It might sound unconventional, but with the aid of innovative tools, you can build an unforgettable digital footprint that leaves a lasting impact, with no code SAAS (Software as a Service) tools.

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Zakia Ringgold [00:00:07]:

Welcome back to another episode of Business tech Unraveled. I'm your host, Zakia Ringold. And today we're diving deep into a topic that's close to my heart building a powerful digital presence without the need for a website. Yes, you heard that right. With the help of innovative tools, you can start to establish a significant online footprint that leaves a lasting impression. So you want to think of your digital presence as a puzzle, and your website is just one piece. So you may not have all the pieces for your website yet, but these tools that I'm going to share with you today allow you to start building those foundational elements and having a place to send people and include video. So if you could expand your reach beyond that one piece of your website, these are the tools that you want to use.

Zakia Ringgold [00:01:06]:

So let me share a personal story. A while back, when I had first got started leveraging lifetime deals, one of the first tools that I purchased was dubb. It allowed me to send personalized video messages directly to my clients. I would turn dubb on. It was a screen recorder, but I could also just have my webcam on. And what I would do is I would walk them through the proposals using dubb. And the beauty of it is I could have call to action buttons right below it. So they never had to go to my website, but they could see what it was that I was offering, the price that I was quoting, the different options that they had, and what it could look like for their virtual events.

Zakia Ringgold [00:01:56]:

So the impact of this was truly incredible and remarkable, and it helped me to stand out. I think it really added a human touch to our interactions and also deepened our relationship during the pandemic, where face to face meetings were completely off the table. So when I mentioned some of these tools, I want you to think of them as your digital assistants. They're always working to enhance your online presence with the power of video. And so they can manage tasks efficiently. They handle different aspects of your digital identity, and they help to communicate in a way that's really engaging. And it's not your typical run of the mill that most people would see when they're opening an email or when they're going to a particular space on the web. They're actually seeing something that's a little bit more refreshing, that may keep their attention a little while longer.

Zakia Ringgold [00:02:57]:

And so another tool that I used is when I was working with all of my contractors, right? So there were a lot of systems that we were using for virtual and hybrid events. And two of those tools were vid tags and vid steps. They're like magic wands for your videos. I would walk through the four different systems that my contractors needed to use, or my event technicians needed to use, or the virtual assistants needed to use. So that I was demonstrating something one time. And the beauty of Vid Tags is you can add resources to it, you can identify the steps and all of that. And then with I'm sorry. That was Vid step.

Zakia Ringgold [00:03:45]:

With Vid Tags you can actually have the translation on there as well. So viewers could click on elements within the video to learn more. And the engagement soared. They were so grateful and thankful for having that to look back at because of course we were not sitting in the same place. I have to pay homage to my training days for that because once I saw it, I said, this is something that I know I'm going to need for my business. And it paid off in dividends. So I want you to remember that your online presence is your story. So each tool that you use contributes a chapter.

Zakia Ringgold [00:04:28]:

It adds depth and substance. And another one of those tools that we're going to talk about is Shorbee. It's an index, really, that guides readers to different sections of your story. So it's really, I don't know if you've ever seen LinkedIn Bio where let's say you have mentioned four or five resources. Maybe you have an amazing YouTube video or a blog posting, or a LinkedIn newsletter. None of them are actually on your website. However, you can actually link to them in a single page so that people can find them, which makes it really easy for you to extend that conversation and make sure the resources that you mentioned are just a click away on a single landing page. So another one is quick page.

Zakia Ringgold [00:05:21]:

Quick Page embeds video and it helps you to reach your audience's inbox. With Quick Page, you can put a video at the top of a page and include Call to actions. You can even have gifts in there. It creates a page for you. So you can send an email to your clients or to your potential customers, or even a follow up to a customer to walk through what it was that you shared. And that will be available by using Quick Page. And one other tool that I really embraced is Switchy. Switchy transformed the way that I share content completely.

Zakia Ringgold [00:06:07]:

So instead of just having a long list of links, I could retarget and track those links. So once I use Switchy to start sharing resources related to the events that I was going to or a talk that I was having, or when I was a speaker at an event, or if I was just participating, in a networking event, I could quickly create a page right within switchy and then it becomes available and I can see where are people clicking? What do they like? And there's no limit to what you can have in a switchy. Smart Page is what they're called. So you can have text, you can have videos, you can have a subscription. I will leave a link to our LinkedIn switchy page, so you all can see just an example of what something like that is and how you can use it. So, just like a conductor orchestrates a symphony, these tools help you to harmonize your online presence, even if you don't have a website. Or you can use it as an extension of your website. The worst thing you can do is just give a link to your landing page, which is probably going to confuse people if you haven't set up your entire website so that it's laser focused and someone doesn't get lost in the sauce when they come there.

Zakia Ringgold [00:07:31]:

So each tool has its own unique note, but when you play them together, they create a very harmonious experience that resonates with your audience, getting them to the exact information that they need. Another tool that I used was a tool called Swipe Pages. It revolutionized my way of quickly loading pages for my speakers or for attendees at events. I could quickly create the instructions what were those critical dates that were important? And it was personalized to each event. And it didn't take any coding. It was a straight drag and drop. And with a few clicks of a button and the use of a few templates, I had pages up for my events and they were visited over 20,000 times. So it really helps to showcase exactly what you want without having to go through the whole rigamarole.

Zakia Ringgold [00:08:29]:

I don't know if that's a real word, but we're making it one today. It does that without it. So there are several tools that you could potentially use as a small business owner if you don't have a complete website but you still want to be able to share resources and capture your users information or those people who are interested in your products and services. Building your digital presence is about crafting an experience that lingers in the mind of your audience. With the use of any of these tools, you are actually creating your own version of a digital masterpiece and shaping how you show up online outside of social media. So remember, your story is waiting to be told, and these tools are really trusted companions for you to be able to do so in an authentic way and an engaging way. Leveraging video and direct resources for where people can go to either stay connected or learn more about something that you've shared. Thank you for joining us on this episode of Business Tech Unraveled.

Zakia Ringgold [00:09:43]:

Stay tuned for more insightful discussions and tech tips. Until next time. This is the Kia Ringgold signing off.

Thinking Beyond the Website: Your Digital Presence Puzzle

Imagine your digital presence as a puzzle, with your website being just one piece of it. You may or may not post on social media and that is yet another piece. It's a piece that you do not own but its a piece none the less. While you might not have all the pieces ready for your website, the tools I'm about to introduce can help you start building those foundational elements of your digital presence while making a lasting impact. These tools provide you with a platform to direct people and to present your content in an engaging way.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have purchased all of these tools and use them daily. Some links are affiliate links. Links to all tools mentioned are available here:

Making it Personal: Connecting Via Video

Early on, I discovered Dubb, it allowed me to send tailored video messages directly to clients. With the ability to capture my screen or webcam, I walked them through proposals, showcasing details like pricing, software options, and how my services could enhance their virtual events.

Dubb goes a step further in that it's a full blown CRM. I can import and tag contacts, host video pages, send video messages within LinkedIn. It also has a teleprompter for recording video on the go and a suite of AI tools to make video creation super simple.

You can use Dubb to showcase your offerings without the need for a website. This adds a human touch to your interactions and deepens your relationship with clients, even when face-to-face meetings are not possible. Additionally, Dubb allows you to include call-to-action buttons in your videos, providing a seamless way for clients to take the desired action without needing to visit a website. This can include booking a call, filling out a form, downloading a file and more.

With the comprehensive analytics within the CRM of Dubb you can see email open rates, video view rates, call to action clicks and more.

Dubb video page

Remote Training and Support: VidStep

When working with clients, contractors and event technicians, I found VidStep to be an invaluable tool for remote training. It acted as my magic wands for communicating with globally dispersed contractors, event speakers, attendees and sponsors.

I demonstrated complex processes to my team and vidstep allowed me to break the video into chunks, building a table of contents and adding pdf resources to specific steps within the video. I would orient attendees to the event platform and provide step by step instructions for speakers and sponsors to make the most of their virtual appearance.

Here is an example of a virtual venue walk-through created for attendees in Vidstep. This allowed me to onboard and orient over 4000 virtual attendees prior to them ever logging into the virtual event platform. It automatically creates the steps and I added additional resources in the form of PDF downloads to ensure all learning styles were covered.

Vidstep example

Translations anyone?

Now who's to say that everyone in the audience speaks English? While I haven't explored this tool very much I have dabbled with it for my soap making as my Youtube analytics are showing more viewers from Spanish and French speaking countries.

Vidtags allows me to upload my video and it will automatically translate it into any language I choose. It then creates a simple landing page where viewers can listen in their desired language.

You can see an example of this in action here:

Streamlining Your Link in Bio Experience with Shorby

Shorby is a link in bio tool. By utilizing a link in bio, you can consolidate all your important resources and content onto a single page, making it effortless for your audience to access and navigate. Whether it's directing followers to your latest blog post, YouTube video, newsletter, or product page, the link in bio saves them from the hassle of searching through various platforms. This streamlined approach not only increases convenience for users but also maximizes engagement and click-through rates.

Here's an example Link In Bio I used at a networking event with librarians:

Expanding the Link in Bio Experience with Switchy

Link in bio

While I have used for the past few years I have held on to another tool which is switchy. This allows me to create custom links that are easy to remember and extensive pages of resources.

It is a versatile tool that allows me to create Smart Pages, enabling me to share resources related to events or networking events I am attending or participating in. What sets Switchy apart is its ability to incorporate various multimedia elements, such as text, videos, and subscription options, making it a powerful tool to engage and connect with the audience.

Here is an example of my Linkedin Switchy page:

It is my hope that by sharing personal experiences, examples and my own success stories, you can see the impact these tools can have in enhancing your online identity and standing out from the competition.

From personalized video messages to interactive elements within videos, each tool contributes to a unique chapter in your digital story. Whether you're a small business owner or simply looking to expand your reach, these trusted companions provide an authentic and engaging way to share resources and connect with your audience.

Let me know in the comments, what are you using to craft your own digital masterpiece?

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