With the world opening back up post-covid, my virtual event production company is also experiencing a shift. More organizations are moving from 100% virtual events to 100% hybrid. I needed a solution of a mobile video production studio in order to to take my show on the road and out of my comfortable home studio.

This led me to wonder how am I going to manage all of the equipment as a one woman show. Luckily I am a part of a mastermind group and one of the members was kind enough to share his mobile setup and the inspiration for it. I watched the video and had a follow-up call with my fellow mastermind colleague and he gave me some do's and don't's. From there I set out to create my own version of a Mobile Video Production Studio with 3 cameras and all of the equipment contained in a TSA approved carry-on bag.

I couldn't chance needing to check my bag at the airport with all of my cameras and mics when traveling. 

I then proceeded to order all of the needed supplies and not so patiently waited for the various UPS and FedEx deliveries. I shared my plan and excitement on social media and included the arrival of the equipment, before and after of my DIY mobile video production studio build out. 

DIY Video Production Studio Before and After

How to Build the Mobile Video Production Studio

I can't take credit for this invention. As I stated earlier, a colleague in a mastermind shared his setup along with the inspiration for it. He encouraged me to film it while building my own. I have linked to a video of the originator at the bottom of the post. 

I used my Nikon D5600 for recording this which is notorious for it's constant auto-focus and unfortunately I did not look at what was filming as I put the case together. I have included it below if you are curious what the process was like, but fair warning it goes in and out of focus throughout. If you are looking for software to live stream, checkout this article

Here you can see my progress of building the case. 

supplies needed to create the Video production studio

After posting my picture of the completed case, many asked what they need. I have listed all of the elements below.

Some of the links are affiliate links which means if you use my link, I will earn a commission for sharing the link with you. 

Pelican case for video production

Pelican Case

The Pelican case is essential for protecting and transporting my video production gear safely, allowing me to take my equipment on location shoots without worrying about damage. Additionally this case is TSA approved so I can use it as a carry-on bag when traveling by plane.

pelican case dividers


The Pelican case dividers are necessary to keep my camera, lenses, and other delicate equipment organized and protected within the case, preventing any potential scratches or dings during transit.

The version I have in the video is no longer available, this would be a good substitute. 

brackets and screws for mobile video production case

Brackets & Screws

The brackets and screws are crucial for securely attaching my camera equipment to the inside of the lid of the case, allowing me to create a custom setup that fits my gear perfectly and ensures it stays in place during transport. The 10mm screws are specifically needed to fit the pre-drilled holes in the Pelican case lid, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Camera Tripod Mount

The three pieces for the mount enable versatility for mounting my camera on a tripod, providing 360° panoramic rotation and calibration scales for precise positioning. The L Bracket is essential for quick and easy switching between portrait and landscape orientations, allowing me to capture shots from different angles without having to adjust the tripod itself.

The Arca Swiss Clamp is necessary for attaching my camera to the tripod, providing a secure and stable connection. This quick-release plate clamp allows for easy mounting and dismounting of my camera, saving time and effort during shoots, especially when switching between different camera setups.

rotating arm

Rotating Arms

The Adjustable Magic Arm is a game-changer for my video production setup, allowing me to mount my cameras, lights or even a microphone where I need them. Its adjustable design offers flexibility in positioning my equipment for the perfect shot.

cold shoe and hot shoe

Cold Shoes and Hot Shoes 

The SmallRig camera hot shoe mount and cold shoe mount adapter are must-haves for attaching my accessories securely to my camera. With 5 cold shoes included in the bracket, I have plenty of options to mount multiple accessories like a microphone, LED light, and more, making my setup versatile and adaptable to different shooting scenarios.

LED light

LED Light & Backup Batteries

The Viltrox LED video light kit and backup batteries are essential for ensuring I have ample lighting on my shoots, especially in low-light conditions. The adjustable brightness and color temperature provide versatility in creating the perfect lighting setup, and the backup batteries keep me powered up and ready for extended shooting sessions.

rode wireless go 2 and portable charger

Rode Wireless Go 2

The Rode Wireless Go 2 is an essential tool for capturing crystal-clear audio wirelessly on the go, providing a compact and easy-to-setup solution for professional-grade audio recording without the hassle of tangled cords.

The Wireless Charging Case is a lifesaver for keeping my gear organized and charged on the go.

insta 260 camera

Insta 360

The Insta360 X2 is a reliable and versatile 360-degree camera that allows me to capture immersive and high-quality footage from all angles. 

I have the Insta 360x2, but if you are buying a new camera I recommend going for the newer model of the X3 for its larger screen and improved features.

Mevo Wireless Camera

The Mevo Wireless Camera has become an indispensable tool in my video production arsenal especially when recording soap making videos. Its wireless capabilities and high-quality performance allow me to capture professional-looking footage without the hassle of cords or complicated setups.

Plus, the option to purchase the 3-pack provides me with the versatility to capture different types of shots, making my videos more dynamic and engaging.

Sony Camera

Sony ZV-E10

In my video I'm using a Sony 5200, I like it for it's light weight. If I could I would go with the Sony ZV-E10 as it has far better features when it comes to video capture. 

Will you attempt to make your own?

A special thank you to the originator and inspiration of this idea on YouTube.

Now that you have seen this case and know what it takes, will you venture into creating your own DIY case? 

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