We all know that we must build a social media presence if we want our business to grow, but are we truly taking the time to build our most critical digital asset?

Social media platforms can change the rules mid-stream, your reach can diminish to absolutely nothing over night. Take a look at this graphic of my articles in the past month. There is a marked decline in organic reach over 30 days for each new piece of content.

Linkedin Newsletter organic reach

If I shared organic impressions it would be even more obvious that the reach diminishes overtime. Maybe my content isn't resonating, or people are busy but if the content isn't even being shown to them, how can we know?

How will you stay connected with those that have opted-in to stay connected with you? It is crucial for small business owners to establish a direct line of communication with their audience and this comes in the form of email and text messaging.

In this article we will explore the importance of email management systems and how they can serve as your own VIP lounge in the digital universe. Before moving into the why, let's talk about how to get your message to stand out in the mailbox!

Leverage Video

It's no coincidence that video content is dominating in the social world, but have you embraced video in your email communications? When the pandemic hit all of my communications went digital. I had to send proposals, plans, contracts, walk-throughs, demos and more without having the ability to sit face to face with clients. I embraced video as a central part of my communication and my clients often commented on how this made me stand out from the 100s of emails they had to wade through.

The numbers were clear indications that my messages were resonating. Here is a screenshot from my CRM indicating the views and Call to actions on my video messaging.

Video performance

Here are 10 reasons to embed video as a part of your email messaging:

  1. Increased Engagement: Videos are more engaging than plain text or static images. They can capture attention, convey your message more effectively, and evoke emotions, leading to higher levels of engagement.
  2. Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR): Including a video thumbnail or GIF in your email can entice recipients to click on it, leading to higher click-through rates. People are curious about visual content and are more likely to interact with it.
  3. Better Information Retention: Videos enable you to present information in a dynamic and memorable way. Viewers are more likely to retain information presented in a video compared to reading plain text. I found this to extremely powerful when walking clients through aspects of proposals.
  4. Showcasing Products or Services: Videos provide a great platform to showcase your products or services in action. This can give your subscribers a better understanding of what you offer and how it can benefit them. When I demo VEDA marketing solutions I don't just list a bunch of features, I showcase their benefits with video walk-throughs.
  5. Personalization: Videos allow you to create a more personalized experience for your subscribers. You can address them by their names and create a stronger sense of connection. I use an AI tool that will personalize a single video and replace the name based on my contact list.
  6. Mobile-Friendly: With the increasing use of mobile devices, videos in emails can adapt to various screen sizes and offer a seamless viewing experience.
  7. SEO Benefits: Embedding videos in emails can also positively impact your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When subscribers click through to watch a video on your website, it can increase your website's engagement metrics, which in turn can boost your search engine rankings.
  8. Demonstrations and Tutorials: Videos are an excellent format for demonstrating how to use products or providing tutorials. This can help your audience better understand complex concepts or processes. As a part of our virtual event planning, attendees would get walk-throughs of the platforms as part of the communication plan.
  9. Calls to Action (CTAs): Videos can seamlessly integrate with your calls to action. You can guide viewers to take a specific action, such as signing up for a webinar, registering for a class, downloading an ebook, or making a purchase.
  10. Metrics and Insights: Many email marketing platforms provide metrics on video performance, such as how many people watched the video, the average viewing duration, and click-through rates. These insights can help you refine your video content and overall email marketing strategy.

While video in email marketing can be highly effective, there are some challenges to consider, such as email client compatibility, potential for slower loading times or your message being marked as spam inadvertently. To overcome these challenges, it's important to choose the right video hosting platforms, optimize video formats for email, and test your emails across various devices and email clients. I would often send regular text messages first and use video messages in replies.

Most importantly your message should still contain text as the central element and leverage embedded video to share what is often lost or missed in written form. Allow your personality and brand to shine through in your video messaging.

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Building Relationships through Email Marketing

Imagine sending an email to your subscribers, just like you would have a conversation with a friend over coffee or lunch. With email marketing, you have a direct line to their inbox, allowing you to share valuable content, promotions, and insider insights. With emphasis on "valuable". This isn't the time to constantly pitch your latest product, service or offering. Instead it's a time to provide valuable resources, insights and opportunities with those who have trusted you with their contact information.

It's like inviting your inner circle to an exclusive party, where you can cultivate relationships without the interruptions of algorithms and ads. By utilizing email marketing, you can build that know, like and trust factor with your audience.

Girl in chair sending email to customers

How Does One Build An Email Subscriber List

To build your list of email subscribers, it's essential to gain permission from your existing clients if they automatically become part of your list. However, to reach potential clients who may not be familiar with your offerings, you need to entice them with lead magnets. Lead magnets are incentives, such as ebooks, webinars or workbooks that address your audience's pain points. These tools encourage potential clients to willingly share their email addresses and join your email list.

The Benefits of Lead Magnets

Lead magnets play a crucial role in growing your email list. Previously, focusing solely on word-of-mouth referrals, I missed out on the opportunity to connect with potential clients who stumbled upon my content. By implementing lead magnets and providing valuable resources, you create an exchange where visitors willingly share their email addresses for continued engagement and learning. It's like saying, "I found value in your content, and I want to stay connected."

You can see an example lead magnet here: https://links.businesstechlab.com/podvote


Leveraging Customer Relationship Management Systems

Acquiring email addresses through lead magnets is just the first step. To effectively leverage your email list, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM system serves as your personal assistant, allowing you to manage and nurture relationships with precision. It helps organize your email list into segments, enabling targeted newsletters and personalized offers based on individual preferences and interests. Most importantly, it offers analytics into the behaviors, response rates, open rates and more for each contact in your subscriber list.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Email List

Your email list holds immense potential. It provides a direct line of communication with clients who have willingly opted in to hear from you. Embrace email marketing, craft valuable lead magnets based on your audience's pain points, and utilize a CRM system to nurture lasting client relationships. By implementing these strategies, you are taking a strategic step towards long-term success in your small business.

Most if not all of my business for the first 2 years was word of mouth. I didn't leverage email marketing to continue to nurture those relationships. Don't make the same mistake I did by neglecting email marketing. Embrace the power of email, create valuable lead magnets, and leverage CRM systems to nurture relationships with your email list.

Establishing and nurturing lasting client relationships is crucial for small business growth. Keep thriving in the realm of business tech and remember that email is not just a message; it's your avenue to success.

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