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Podcast: Business Tech Unraveled​

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About Host Zakia Ringgold

Zakia Ringgold is tech-savvy entrepreneur who shares her latest picks for SAAS solutions and interviews founders for small business owners. Learn more about my entrepreneurial journey here.

🔍 What We Explore in Business Tech Unraveled

Each episode delves into cutting-edge technologies, inspirational business stories, real-world examples, and expert interviews, shedding light on the tech solutions to grow online.

👥 Who Should Listen:

If you’re a forward-thinking business owner determined to harness the power of digital solutions for online growth, this podcast is your essential resource without the overwhelm.

📌 Why Listen?

Stay ahead of the curve with discussions on the latest tech trends. Learn from industry leaders and innovators who share their wisdom. Gain practical knowledge to apply in your business.

Feeling stuck?🤦🏽‍♀️

Are you feeling stuck? 🤔