In this episode of the Business Tech Unraveled podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Wasserman, the Head of Community and Partnerships at Castmagic. As an expert in media sales and podcast ad monetization, he shared his insights on how to build an audience, optimize content creation, and effectively develop your podcast.

Show Notes

In response to the questions on how to build an audience, get discovered, and monetize, Greg provides the following insights:

1. Building an Audience: Greg emphasizes the importance of treating oneself as a brand and building an online presence. He recommends creating a website optimized with SEO-driven traffic, show notes, and backlinks. He also highlights the value of engaging with the audience across multiple channels, including social media, blogs, and newsletters. Additionally, he suggest considering video content creation to reach a wider audience.

2. Getting Discovered: Wasserman advises podcasters to go beyond relying solely on platforms like Apple or Spotify and instead focus on owning their audience across all channels. He stresses the importance of distributing content manually to various platforms to maximize discoverability. He also mentions the significance of networking and building relationships within the podcast community.

3. Monetization: Greg acknowledges that monetizing a podcast is a long-term game and depends on the goals and purpose of the podcast. He encourage podcasters to think beyond download numbers and focus on building a brand identity and social reach for potential sponsorships. Greg highlights the value of leveraging guests for monetization through guest appearances and providing assets to encourage guest sharing.

Overall, he underscores the need for creators to think strategically about their podcast's purpose, branding, and audience engagement to effectively build, discover, and monetize their content.

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Zakia Ringgold [00:00:00]:

And so hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of business tech unraveled. I'm your host, Zakia Ringgold, and I am here with the 1 and only Greg Wasserman of Castmagic. So The purpose of this podcast is to really help small business owners unravel the mystery behind technology to be a little more productive with their digital landmines that it feels like sometimes. So I'm really excited that you all are here, and you'll get a chance to hear firsthand from Greg who is overseeing it feels like everything over at Castmagic, but he has an amazing community that we all are a part of and, very active, very responsive. And so I'm just gonna hand it over to Greg really quickly so he can introduce himself to all of you.

Greg Wasserman [00:00:54]:

Well, thank you so much. This is what I love, you know, bringing the community and then getting to come and and have these conversations and talk to, to to your I guess your community and and share. So, yes, and my background is Was in media sales for about 15 years, and the first thing I, got to do from podcasting was sell podcast ads. Last role I did was running Three podcast listening platforms. So I got a really good insights not as the creator, but what creators had to go through. And Three questions every creator wants is, how do I build my audience? How do I get discovered? And then my my least favorite is how do I monetize? So running a listing platform, you're like, great. Here are all the ways that I know that will help you and answer these kind of questions. And then to your point, yeah, I've come over here and working with Castmagic, since April. And Castmagic is what started off as a podcasting platform is a great way to do your titles, your show notes, Extract all these, different learnings that come from your recording. It's now turned into a audio workspace for all things, whether you're a coach, whether you're doing meetings. And so to your joke, like, yeah, I'm running our community. Using my knowledge and experience with connecting with podcasters and creators, my knowledge in marketing, but, yeah, kinda just doing all things to support. My ethos is life is about time and relationships, so I love just talking to people. You never know where a conversation's gonna lead, so it's open that door and see where it takes you in the future. And then as you noticed in the community, I'm all about creating dots and creating connections, and that's very much who I am. So whether it's on LinkedIn or with my friends, it's, like, How do we bridge gaps of good people who have knowledge what you're doing on this show is, like, how do I bring people to others To share that knowledge to, other whether it be vulnerability or just demystifying things that are scary for all of us.

Zakia Ringgold [00:02:51]:

Absolutely. And you point out that, connecting the dots. And I think that was something because I'm I'm a part of a lot of communities online. And what I found really intriguing, especially about your approach, is when someone new joins, number 1, you say definitely introduce yourself. But you're not gonna leave them out there stranded. You say, oh, you're discussing so and so. You may be interested in partnering with a, b, c, d. And then even on your LinkedIn post, you'll share interesting podcast that you've heard that you think your your audience is going to be interested interested in, which I think is really, really powerful. So number 1, thank you for that because it's very welcoming and inviting to go somewhere where you don't kinda feel so lost once you get in there, but it's, it's very like, hey. You've probably found your tribe here. It's not just you out there by yourself. So I'm grateful for that part. And you also mentioned, the podcast listening that you came from. So there's the podcast listening, the podcast ads, and you said it's building the audience, getting discovered, and the one that's not so interesting being the monetization one. So what advice do you have for people when it comes to building their audience.

Greg Wasserman [00:04:10]:

Building your audience. I guess if we it's not that is the interesting one. It's just the most frustrating one because and then we can answer your questions. So the way Podcasters usually act is they act as if they were a podcaster, and the problem is is podcasting is a badge to wear, But as a medium, it is something and we were talking about this offline before we started. Everyone now says as a podcaster, You need to be video. If YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and you don't have a video for people to find you, you are missing that opportunity. So what my soapbox is is treat yourself as a brand. If you treat yourself as a brand, then You will be able to reach your audience wherever they are. Podcast listening platforms from an auditory standpoint, YouTube, Wherever else video may be consumed from a visual standpoint, but not everyone wants to listen. Not everyone wants to watch. So what I love about Castmagic is it provides you the social channels. It provides you, the blog, the newsletter, and everything else. So if you wanna build an audience, wherever your audience is, and that is that is the heart of it. Your audience, If we if you go back to yourself as a student and go like, what did I enjoy about how the class was structured? Was I the person who read everything, and that's how I consume the content? Was I the studious person in class that that listened to whatever the teacher said? Was it I couldn't read, I couldn't listen to what the teacher says, but my friends gave me the insights, and that's where I gained my knowledge. At the end of the day, you think about all those different capacities. That isn't just a auditory listen to a podcast. You have to meet your user where they wanna consume it. And then part of the community building pieces, Your community is being built across all those different channels. And if you start thinking that way, then the joy of that monetization question becomes, I don't just think downloads. I don't just think I need more downloads so I can sell in an 18, $20 CPM or sponsorship. Now you can actually start thinking the monetization is the guest that put on my show, the newsletter, the website traffic, Take the blog, the listening of of the podcast players. So now you start thinking about all those different components that go beyond just I'm building an audience on podcast players, and I'm trying and fighting so hard to be listed on Apple or listed on Spotify because I understand there's an audience there and that's why you wanna be there, but, like, you don't own that audience. So own your audience across all your channels. That's the that's the soapbox.

Zakia Ringgold [00:07:00]:

And and I think that's really, really powerful. And What I love about Castmagic in particular is sometimes when we're recording a podcast, we're only thinking about that podcast. When we go to load it into Castmagic and it shoots out just natively all of the different ways that we can repurpose that content. You mentioned the blog, the newsletter, the social media post, the threads. Before Instagram even had threads. It was spray spacing it off the tweets, but you already were calling it threads, and it can be reused. And I think that leads to the next thing that you said about people in terms of not just building their audience, but getting discovered. Can you talk about how Castmagic helps, anybody who's podcasting. And I don't think it's just podcasting because what we found in the community is it's an audio tool. If if there's some text that can be used. So tell us about how Castmagic helps with that discovery.

Greg Wasserman [00:07:59]:

Yeah. So I guess To go into that, I'll I'll I'll actually take a step back before I go into, like, the product piece of it. Right? So discoverability. Do you have a website? Like, let's do the core basic things that you should be doing as a creator, As a as a business, if we think of yourself as a brand again, think of yourself as why am I sending people to a website that is not mine? 1st things first. Make sure your show is everywhere. Make sure your content's everywhere. Your brand is you and you and all the other pieces that you're doing, you're kinda throwing money At a wall, or if I guess, not even at a wall, you're throwing money at other channels that aren't helping you in the long term. What I love about creating is it's a long game. Right? Like, most people when they say, I'm gonna start a podcast or I'm gonna start a TikTok video or whatever the case may be from a creator standpoint. To expect it to go viral right away Isn't gonna happen, but if you play the long game going, like, alright. I got all this traffic that's SEO driven for my website. Perfect. Every Every episode has its own web page, and every web page for every episode has good show notes, has a blog, has, SEO optimized pieces has backlinks. Like, everything's there. If you're starting to think that way, then You are setting yourself up for the joys of what Castmagic can now can give you of writing those social posts. It's writing your newsletter. It's writing the show notes for you. So if you're trying to build audience, be where your audience is, but own your brand. And that's that's the way to look at it. So Castmagic now takes away the overwhelming feeling of what I'm saying. Like, I understand. That's a lot. Like, I'm literally asking you to treat yourself as a brand. You're like, how? Like, that's so much. What do I do here? Well, That's the joys of the tools now. If this was 2022, it'd be 4. I could see it being a little overwhelming. But the joys right now, the Tool like Castmagic and others out there. You can treat yourself as a brand, do all the things that brands do, but still do it Efficiently lean and and do all the other things you probably have to do as well because most likely podcasting is your isn't your bread and butter. You are a coach or you're you're you're actually a marketing manager at a company, and then you happen to have this, or you're doing something else. And now this allows you to do all those things.

Zakia Ringgold [00:10:36]:

Absolutely. And so I'm gonna veer off a little bit from Castmagic and look for what advice do you have for people who are starting their podcasting journey. I think you started to hit on it in terms of being where your audience is, owning those platforms. But in your experience, what were some of those common mistakes that you saw? Like, oh, man. Why are they doing that? Or anything along those lines that would help them to kinda sidestep some things and have a little more traction as they're getting

Greg Wasserman [00:11:08]:

started. The first one is is you pay for what you get. So if you're going for, I'm not making money on this, so I'm gonna go the free and easy route because it's free. There's a downside to free. So, yes, it is easy then to get things going, but you are losing so much by doing that. You're losing You are it's a short term gain for the long term loss. And what I mean by that is, if you use using certain hosting companies, 1st, you can do it with any hosting company. Some will require more work for you, and if that's the case, Learn that. If you're gonna go with a free hosting platform, make sure you become proficient in all the things that that tool allows you to do, Otherwise, you are missing out. And what I mean specifically is one of the favorite things when I was running 3 players was I always knew who hosted with certain companies based on their show not being on our platform. The reason why is hosting companies will say we distribute everywhere. Most of them don't distribute you everywhere, and you have to go manually do that. So going back to be where your audience is, take the time, Especially if you're using the free and cheap, you're gonna have to spend more time, which is usually it. When you when you go free, you're giving up, your time is now your cost. So think about that. If you are willing to go, I don't have $15 a month. What's taking the cost me then a month to do the things that I now have to do because it's free? So those are little things to keep in mind, so that why are you sending traffic to your hosting company's website as opposed to your own branded website? So use a branded domain. Don't do a redirect and drive people to that, because you could always switch to hosting companies, but, like, your articles, your articles become Searchable index in the future. You don't know where these things are gonna take you. I loved about podcast movement, A couple of the speakers, they all said that they wrote an article, and then 3 years later, someone found that article and that led to another business today that they had no clue would lead to where it was. So as my ethos says, life is about time and relationships, a conversation today. I have no clue where that future goes. You have no clue where episode 2 is gonna take you. Blog article 2 is gonna take you 3 years from now, but think it could lead you to somewhere. So pretend as if that matters now, set yourself up for success, own your website, figure out the right hosting, Figure out those details. Those are the things that I see happen all the time that creators are missing, And it's frustrating because they're treating themselves as as a hobby, and and And they're lacking just the proficiency of what would be needed to to be

Zakia Ringgold [00:14:13]:

successful. Yeah. For sure. I think that's solid advice. And I was feverishly taking notes over here because I'm thinking, wait a minute. My podcast page is a redirect. Why isn't it on its own? You know? So I'm I'm thinking as you're saying that, so I'm learning here at the same time. And I can't let us skip by the monetization part of the conversation Tayshaun, because you said the 3 questions, build audience, discoverability, and monetization. So what insight can you give us about monetization for podcasting?

Greg Wasserman [00:14:46]:

I I I had a coaching call with someone who's starting a podcast, and I'm like, what's the purpose of the podcast? They're like, well, I wanna do x, y, and z, and I'm like, alright. So in the day, you're using this as a lead magnet for yourself. A, so that you want people to, hire you for your services, and, b, you wanna become a brand. You want people to know you. So if you have that idea in mind, Then how do you monetize that? It's gonna be the guest you may have on your show. Start being specific on that. Another good story that I love telling is is I was doing a, a live podcast, and someone was commenting, what was going on. And they're in the real estate business, and they're like, I would not do a fishing podcast because that's not gonna help me because my clients would all be like, why am I spending the time on this fishing podcast and not trying to sell pot sell real estate. I'm like, well, then if you're thinking that, you're you're too narrowed because a fishing podcast, You can go find other people who wanna talk about fishing. Those become potential clients for your real estate business, so it becomes your funnel net regards. You're able to actually have a Hobby show on fishing and lead is used as a lead magnet for your real estate business because it's all about connections. So being smart on who comes on your show, what their message is, empowering them with, Hey. Here is the assets. That's what I love about Castmagic. It gives you the assets to write a thank you note to your guest. Here's your blog, your newsletter, your social post all done for you, so you have no reason not to share this with your audience, which then ties back to you because most of the time, back to your pitfalls I see, guests struggle or sorry. Hosts struggle getting their guests to share, and there's a couple of reasons for that. 1, you never give them the assets. 2, if I'm sharing this story on your audience right now, My audience has probably heard that, so why do I wanna share what my audience has already used to hearing? It's because you are gonna package that and going, hey. You said this on my show. I don't know if you said it before. I don't know if it's something unique, but you said this And Castmagic gives you those quotes, you put it in your thank you note, and now you go, hey, Greg, thank you for coming on my show, here you go. So You are back to the monetization. You're using guesting appropriately. You're thinking about what your purpose is, And then you're then thinking beyond downloads. Soon as I can get you to thinking about yourself as a brand, you start social. The package that you could sell as a sponsorship isn't hey, here are my download numbers, but here are the kind of guests that get on there. Here's my social reach, here's my newsletter reach, Here's my overall brand identity. That's what you're buying. You're not just buying 200 listeners on my show. Right? So it becomes So much more than just how do I monetize this, and then the last thing I'll say is it's a long game. So you're doing this to get the the ultimate. But if you're going like, I need to sell I need to be making money in the 1st year, it's possible, but it depends on what your business is what you're thinking about how to do this, if you're like, I just wanna tell amazing stories of people and inspirational stories because I think everyone's got a voice to be Herb. Then, perfect, how do you think about who those guests are? What's your platform? What are you trying to accomplish? Is it to Yeah. I guess at the end of the day, what are you trying to accomplish? Because you can still make money by telling inspirational stories, But what do you do with that?

Zakia Ringgold [00:18:29]:

Yeah. And what I hear from that is you're moving from the transactional mindset to more of a transformational mindset for you both as the podcaster and those guests that come on. Like, how can you make that a total package so that and and it's not just about the monetization and why I say transformational for the individual podcaster because you should be growing with each one of those episodes. Right? So it's the with them. What's in it for me, but also what's in it for them at the same time. So I I really, really like that approach and then that inspirational stories part as well. I do wanna go back to Castmagic because It started out as just a podcasting tool for me. And by coming on those community calls, I am learning that it can be used for so much more. So what were some of those things that, that you've heard how people have started to leverage the tool beyond just There are audio podcast that like, hey. I never thought of that. What what were some of those cases where you're like, That's interesting. Wow.

Greg Wasserman [00:19:37]:

I mean, I think what our our our 1st preset was was podcast. The next one was seeing how many people are using YouTube videos going like, alright. So we created a YouTube preset, package in there. And then the next 2 were coaches and meetings. Because we realized Going back to being a brand, as a podcaster, your your life is just not podcasting. Even if you're a podcast agency, You still gotta have sales calls. You still have to have, client calls. You're having internal meetings. Like, at the end of the day, you're a business. You're a brand. So that's why we released the meetings, the coaching. I'm currently testing in events one. So if you go to, any conference, and there's a plethora of speakers and panelists. Most likely, you've you've probably missed a lot of it. Whether you're whether it's all day and you're you're you're not going from rooms and you you have the same track, you're like, alright. I gotta go to the bathroom. Like, I'm missing something. I wanna go meet and talk to someone, so I'm missing something. Someone cost them, like, oh, I couldn't hear it. The sound quality like, no matter what, You're missing. So the events is another thing that I'm I love because what if I could load that recording into Castmagic Go, hey. Here's the speaker bio of each person that just spoke. Here's the key things they said. Here's the takeaways they said. Here's the action items. So, being able to look at other things whether it's an event or a webinar or you're a speaker. Another one I love is people are using Castmagic as a pre as a prep before they actually do their content. So let's say, you you wanted to record to use our Ios app, that's in beta but should be released, on the App Store in the next couple weeks, but, like, you go ahead. I know I'm dating this. Sorry, guys. But, but, ultimately, you cord your thoughts going like, alright. I got Greg on my show. I've looked at his LinkedIn. I've I've I've communicated with him, and you're Free flowing external processing. You record that into Castmagic. It's not gonna give you questions. It's gonna give you insights and, like, alright. Now when I actually talk to Greg, this is what I wanna do. Or you can go ahead and say, I've seen Greg on someone else's show. I'm gonna upload that into Castmagic, and it's gonna give me questions that I now can ask Greg because He may not have expanded on it or different things that we wanna expand on and look at. So there there's so many different facets that I'm seeing people use Castmagic for Beyond. I literally just posted in today's community, someone's taking the time stamp overviews. We provide a long form and a short form. They're taking the long form, and that's part of their social post going like, hey. Here's what we're talking about on this episode. At the 1 minute and 55 second, we talk about this. At the 5 minute, we talk about this, and that's literally their social post. I'm like, wow. That's genius. Because normally most people are coming there going like, What are the top 7 takeaways from this show? He's literally saying, like, this is the time that you can see if you wanna go see what that takeaway is. So, So, yeah, there's so many different use cases, which is really exciting because it goes back to how do we become the audio workspace for you. And one thing we need to talk about is Castmagic has a tool called MagicChat. Ask you whatever you want based on that recording. So you can now start I mean, some of the favorite prompts I've got is turn it into a poem. Someone's like, make the lyrics of a song to this. Like, you just get creative, and it's really cool to see the creative minds of creators' perspectives Of how to use a tool that we're just empowering you with and you get to have fun with.

Zakia Ringgold [00:23:31]:

Absolutely. And I just just for the sake of my audience, I am very comfortable with presets and prompts, but that may be a term that they don't understand in terms of what the presets are, why you would use them. So could you dig just a little bit into how powerful that is and why it's effective in Castmagic.

Greg Wasserman [00:23:48]:

Yeah. Good one. So Currently, the way cast management is set up, we've got 6 profiles. Podcaster, YouTube, meetings, coaching, sales discovery and sales call. Right? So with each one of those, we're gonna give you, out of the box, preloaded presets. So all you have to do is load your recording in there, choose the profile you want, and then you'll get all these presets that are already made for you going, like, alright, if you're a podcaster, you know, titles shown well, actually, titles, introductions, clips, quotes, and so forth. Right? So if you did nothing and just uploaded and used that preset, you're already gonna get a plethora of information that you can use. As I'll say for your audience and everyone else, it's AI. It's not meant to replace you. It's not meant to be perfect. It's meant to Give you 20 pieces of content that you can now edit as opposed to how do I write 20 pieces of content on my own thinking about each piece? It's like, no. Let's give you all those 20 pieces of content out of the box. Now you make your own changes, your edits. Then there's the magic chat piece, which is now, like, Well, there's more stuff I want out of this, or I'm creative. I wanna do this, or we don't actually give you show notes as a podcaster because every person does show notes differently. So you can create your own prompt saying this is the format of my show notes of what I want. Create it, save it, and then have it run every time you upload a recording. So it's powerful in the sense that if you did nothing and you just want to edit, we're giving you all that just to edit. If you are creative, and as you'd know, in our community, we have a favorites prompt section in in Slack, so People are sharing their stuff, we literally just released this week, now the ability to add a prompt as a community member, And then literally add that to your workspace from a website. So making it easier for you to go ask, fine. Let's community give you that guidance.

Zakia Ringgold [00:25:52]:

Absolute wow. So, yeah, I think so he says it much better than I can, but that was the thing that sold me on castmagic. It's like, wait, what? It's like magic after you upload your audio or your video. Right? So, and then the recording That, I do have the beta version. So, yes, we are dating this, but you are able to just press a button and just speak, and it goes right into your space. The nice thing about that is you can have your own prompts. So it knows exactly What kind of style you want? What kind of content you want out of there? So it makes it truly a, an end to end audio solution And in terms of being able to record, extract the things that you need, and create those various pieces of content so that we can build our audience, get discovered, and then actually have something for the monetization piece. So we cannot let you go without at least telling people how they can connect with you, how they can get their own version of Castmagic or join the community, anything like that. So can you share that with us, Greg?

Greg Wasserman [00:27:04]:

So from signing up, hopefully, use your affiliate link. So, everyone, you know, use use Becky, is, affiliate link and and sign up that way. And once you sign up, there's in the bottom left corner of your account, You're gonna have join an onboarding call. I would love to meet you. I do the onboarding calls. That is the first interaction with community. That is the first way that I'm bringing everyone together and going, look, Cast Magic is 1 tool in your tool belt in whatever you're using it for. So how you use Cast Magic, I mean, going back from a podcasting standpoint, you need a hosting company, you need a recording tool, You need all these different things. Cast Magic's gonna be part of that. So bringing community together, you start learning what other tools are people using, How do they have their workflow, and how are they leveraging Cast Magic? And that's where we start you there. There's also, right below that, Join our Slack community. So come on in there, and I'll see you there as you've already made it known. Like, I lead that. If you introduce yourself, I'm gonna get you going. And From an introduction standpoint, you can find me on LinkedIn. That's where I live most. Greg Wasserman is is an easy one. You know, I post every Monday 3 podcasts that I think people should listen to, because if you are like me, I stare at a screen 11 hours a day here. And then I'm gonna go work out. I'm going to go sit on the couch and watch TV. Well, my brain and my eyes just can't handle that. So the joys about podcasting is you can still learn, you can still be educated, you can still be entertained without Looking at something. Right? And that is the joy from a podcast standpoint or read a newsletter. Whatever way you wanna Assume it for me. I'm like, hey. Here's 3 podcasts every week that I think you should listen to. It runs the gamut, but I'm also then sharing a lot of other stuff. I I lead partnerships, personal interest and so forth. So come find me. Just, send me a message. I believe life is about time and relationships, but Make that interaction so that we're just not a

Zakia Ringgold [00:29:14]:

connection. Oh, I love it. Absolutely. And I look forward to your post on Monday as well as the information you're share sharing on the podcasting industry. You attend a lot of events that I don't get a chance to go to. So I look for your snippets of, oh, and I heard this and I learned that. But great to have you here today. I will make sure that your link to your LinkedIn page as well as my Castmagic affiliate link We'll be in the show notes as well, and thank you for joining us.

Greg Wasserman [00:29:46]:

Always a pleasure to talk with you.

Discoverability: Treating Yourself as a Brand

Greg emphasized the importance of treating oneself as a brand and establishing a strong online presence across multiple platforms. By leveraging various channels like websites, social media, and newsletters, podcasters can enhance discoverability and reach a wider audience. Consider the impact and significance of search engine optimization (SEO)-driven traffic, show notes, and backlinks to attract organic traffic to your podcast. You may want to also consider leveraging live streaming to compliment your audio strategy and create a true sense of omni-presence. 

After our discussion, I went to work with getting all of my podcast off of my sub-domain and instead created podcast page on my website along with an episode template for all future episodes. We will see how this impacts SEO in the next 6 months. 

Unlocking the Potential of CastMagic

What would the interview be without a discussion of Castmagic? It's a powerful audio tool that automates essential tasks such as writing social posts, newsletters, and show notes. I previously did a walk-through of my podcast recording and repurposing workflow with Castmagic. With this intuitive tool, users can effortlessly extract and repurpose audio or video content. By understanding the individual's desired style and content, Castmagic offers an end-to-end audio solution, allowing creators to easily record, extract content, build an audience, and even monetize their podcast.

Audio Magic

Building an Audience: Time, Relationships, and Podcast Listening

The power of community can not be overstated. We often hear that community is the new currency and increasingly this is showing itself to be true. Podcasting offers a unique opportunity to not only build an audience but also cultivate relationships with those who are tuned in. Greg also encourages podcasters to engage with their audience on platforms like LinkedIn, where he regularly shares podcast recommendations, cultivating a dynamic and engaged community.

Maximizing Value with Castmagic

Throughout the discussion we highlighted how Castmagic can indirectly contribute to monetization through its wide array of presets. With profiles tailored to podcasts, YouTube videos, meetings, coaching, sales discovery, and sales calls, Castmagic provides comprehensive content creation solutions. By effortlessly generating speaker bios, key points, takeaways, and action items, Castmagic enables creators to enhance the value and appeal of their podcasts, attracting potential sponsors eager to collaborate with influential voices in their respective fields with a wealth of assets ready at the click of a button. 

Podcasting is a growing and thriving medium with immense potential for creators and entrepreneurs. In this episode of Business Tech Unraveled, Greg Wasserman highlighted the importance of discoverability, audience-building, and monetization. By leveraging tools like Castmagic and treating yourself as a brand, you can tap into the true magic of podcasting, effortlessly creating engaging content, building a loyal audience, and monetizing your expertise.

Remember, with the right strategies and resources at your disposal, your podcast can take flight and captivate listeners across the globe.

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