I've accumulated a considerable number of lifetime deals from software as a service providers since 2018. A lifetime deal is a solution where you buy a license and have lifetime access to a set number of features along with future product enhancements. These are usually early stage startups looking for an infusion of capital or customer feedback on the product development roadmap. There are considerable pros and cons to this approach and I'll share those lessons learned in an upcoming article.

One of the hardest transitions from corporate America was leaving the IT and accounting team behind. I needed to find solutions I could use to deliver exceptional products and services to my clients.

Lifetime Deals

By strategically investing in carefully selected software as a service providers, my business enjoyed access to premium tools and features, all for a one-time purchase of individual tools. The result? An astonishing revenue boost, with over $100,000 generated through the application of these tools in my business and additional revenue streams for client services.

Lifetime deals not only saved substantial costs in the long run but also empowered my team to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive unprecedented growth. This extraordinary financial milestone stands as a testament to the immense potential that lifetime deals hold for businesses seeking innovation, efficiency, and sustainable success in the digital landscape.

The lifetime deals can be broadly classified into categories such as website and landing page tools, communication tools, content creation tools, storage tools, social media scheduling tools, AI chatbots, feedback/survey platforms, podcasting utilities, learning management systems, community builders and event platforms. This article will provide a broad overview of the categories of tools entrepreneurs should consider in their digital arsenal.

The Tools

Website enhancement or landing page building were the primary purposes of my first set of purchases. I also acquired communication aids to facilitate interaction between me and my clients or potential customers who encountered some piece of content I produced or from a referral.

A standout tool was an agency tool used for email marketing that helped me stay connected with clients while building my CRM solution.

Before diving into creating social media posts, youtube videos or podcasts every business owner needs two fundamental assets: a website showcasing their expertise and products/services; followed by means to maintain contact with clients and potential customers - hence the importance of landing pages/websites and email communication.

My content creation surged in 2020 with numerous AI-powered applications assisting in generating marketing campaigns for clients or converting text-based material to videos.

After crafting site content came another challenge - storing it effectively for easy access by users wanting downloads like PDFs documents or ad-free videos where I could access deep analytics.

Social Media Scheduling

social media scheduling

In addition to these storage solutions came the need for organizing scheduled release times across various social media channels using different social media publishing and scheduling programs bought over time.

To add sophistication in customer service delivery on Facebook and Instagram channels I deployed AI chatbots answering FAQs about my offerings while facilitating enrollment processes for online classes/quizzes that matched individuals' skin types with suitable skincare products/services provided by me.

Feedback/surveys play a crucial role especially when offering online courses where gauging students' progress is vital along with understanding what improvements could be made based on their experiences.

The audio/podcasting realm had its share too featuring tools to record, publish and distribute content while also adding voice cloning capabilities allowing conversion from written blogs to spoken ones. This saved in recording efforts, promotion and content repurposing while enhancing user experience.


Community-building initiatives aimed at establishing private student/client groups akin to Facebook communities didn't quite take off as planned but remain part of my future plans nonetheless.

Virtual event platforms proved indispensable and a wise investment especially during the pandemic; despite having purchased twelve different solutions only five remained consistent favorites depending on specific client requirements/experiences sought after. I was able to successfully produce over 100 virtual events with the purchase of these solutions.

Lastly are agency solutions I employed mainly for client communications including proposal/invoice generation, project management, demonstrations, video instructions among others which significantly contributed towards successful operation as an entrepreneur reliant mostly on digital solutions.

But here's where I need your help! For my next article, I want to dive deeper into the specifics of the tools and focus on the category that interests you the most. Are you eager to learn about website and landing page tools, or do communication aids and email marketing solutions catch your attention?

Perhaps content creation tools or social media scheduling programs are what you want to explore. Or maybe you're curious about AI chatbots, feedback/survey platforms, podcasting utilities, learning management systems, community builders, or event platforms.

Your feedback matters to me, and I want to cater to your specific interests and needs. So, let me know your preference!

Additionally, feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments, and I'll make sure to address them in an upcoming article.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I'm excited to hear your thoughts and see you in the next article!

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