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Sell courses, communities, appointments, events, digital and physical products, group and private chats, audio and video libraries, and a wide array of offerings within our all-in-one platform.

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Robust Course Building:

Effortlessly create courses and lessons with our intuitive course builder.

Diverse Lesson Types:

Develop a variety of lessons – videos, audios, PPTs, PDFs, quizzes, surveys, assignments, and more,  using the builder.

Intelligent Pricing Options:

Configure one-time, subscription, or smart-tiered pricing, offering flexibility and smart solutions for your courses.

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Unlimited Customized Communities:

Develop tailored communities to suit your audience’s needs. Seamlessly integrate these communities with your mobile apps, providing real-time push notifications to keep your members engaged and informed.

Free or Premium Community Options:

Monetize your efforts by offering premium communities. Leverage your communities as a standalone product or as an add-on to any course, bundle, or product, turning your community into a revenue source.

Real-time Facebook-like Experience:

Inspire familiarity with real-time interactions by mirroring the engaging features of Facebook. Create an environment where users receive instantaneous notifications and experience activities akin to Facebook’s real-time engagement.

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Unlimited Group or Private Chats:

Foster engagement through unlimited group or private chats integrated across web and mobile apps, ensuring students are always connected and informed. Utilize these chats for private coaching or mentoring sessions.

Free or Premium Chat Options:

Monetize your efforts by offering premium chat features. Offer these as a standalone product or as an additional component to any course, bundle, or product, converting your chats into a revenue stream.

Real-time Push Notifications:

Ensure no activity is missed! Keep the chat experience vibrant with real-time push notifications. Encourage creativity through a diverse array of emojis, GIFs, images, videos, and more to enhance the engagement within the chat platform.

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Unlimited Events and Appointments:

Generate limitless events and appointments through our booking feature, allowing flexible and customized scheduling.

Booking Pricing Configuration:

Streamline the process by accepting payments for appointments before finalizing the booking, eliminating manual work. Manage appointments efficiently and notify users ahead of appointment times.

Robust Appointment Planner:

Utilize our integrated appointment planner to craft your schedule seamlessly, eliminating the need for third-party platforms and providing a powerful planning tool at your fingertips.

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Digital Product Sales:

Create an unlimited assortment of digital products and effortlessly distribute them to your students. Manage these products seamlessly via your dashboard.

Physical Product Sales

Offer a diverse range of unlimited physical products, efficiently shipping them to your students. Manage these items easily through your dashboard.

SEO-Friendly Products:

Ensure your digital and physical products are discoverable with built-in SEO capabilities. Create these products effortlessly while maintaining strong search engine optimization standards.

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All the Features You Need to Grow Online

These key features will help your business grow faster and increase revenue compared to any other online course platform.


Create unlimited courses with various lesson types.

Bundle Courses

Easily combine courses.

Physical Products

Sell and manage physical products.

Digital Products

Offer downloadable digital products like PDF downloads, workbooks and ebooks.


Foster interaction and support within your own facebook like  community.

Group Chat

Engage students in group discussions.

Private Chat

Provide personalized one-to-one assistance.

Appointment Booking

Set up and manage flexible booking systems.

Dynamic Membership Site

Establish monthly or yearly membership pricing.

Partner Revenue Share

Manage revenue sharing with partners and your affiliates effortlessly.

Site Builder

Create websites without any coding.

Mobile App

Students can access learning and communities on mobile devices.

Advanced Quizzes

Offer powerful quiz features to test knowledge.

Magic Checkout

Efficiently capture leads and boost sales.

Email Marketing

Send marketing and notification emails.

Tiered Pricing

Sell to organizations with bundles and smart pricing.

Smart Upsell

Offer multiple add-ons and unlimited product access.

Real-Time Reporting

Get immediate activity notifications.


Issue completion certificates.


Create and manage promotional discounts.


Publish SEO-friendly blogs.


Enhance learning engagement through game elements.

Student Motivation Popups

Encourage student progress with motivational pop-ups.

Email Integration

Connect with popular email marketing tools.

Multi-Level Affiliate Program

Expand your customer base and reward brand ambassadors.

Advanced Form Builder & Contacts

Manage data collection and contacts.

Unlimited Lead Generation & Automation

Convert customer interests into sales.

Advanced Quiz Retake

Offer random quiz generation from a question bank.

Video Gallery

Create and sell unlimited video galleries.

Video Analytics

Track student engagement with video content.

Email Automation Sequence

Manage targeted email campaigns with automation.

Multi-Lingual Support

Access learning in multiple languages.

Grading System

Offer transparent student performance evaluation.

Live Lessons with Zoom/Google Meet

Conduct real-time interactive sessions.

Bonus Items

Enhance course offerings with bonus materials.

Blog Membership

Feature exclusive blog access with pricing options.


Integrate data between platforms.


Host in-person or virtual events with pricing options.

Live Classroom

Upcoming feature for live teaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

All student payments are directly transferred to your Stripe or PayPal account instantly. You can monitor transactions and process refunds via your dashboard.

Yes, a valid card is needed to to get started.

Absolutely! You retain full ownership of your uploaded content and student data. We prioritize your ownership and do not market to your students.

All customers receive chat and email support, and all subscribers are invited to our monthly coaching calls for best practices and live Q&A sessions. 

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